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Powerful, unified integration


Increase efficiency, reduce complexity and take control of your data by integrating your business systems – giving your organisation automation, control and visibility.

More than just Integration

Adopting new software applications comes hand in hand with more data administration. ourshared Unity enables you to build integrated and complete solutions, removing the burdens, and freeing up resources.

Customer Story

See how People 1st unified their sales and financial activities to realise huge operation efficiencies and cost savings, bringing together Microsoft CRM and Infor’s SunSystems.

  Evolution Dynamic’s flexible approach has meant we have been able to implement a watertight solution that quite simply, works really well.  Luke Palmer, IT Manager People 1st

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Integrate your business apps and systems to create seemless, efficient solutions that work for your business and team. As part of any Digital Transformation the opportunities and challenges of dealing with an ever increasing amount of data can be a real headache. By unifying systems and platforms, organisations can not only avoid the common pitfalls, but also realise the true potential of the data held within their business.

ourshared Unity delivers integration, automation, and returns control to the stakeholders. Applications are able to share data autonomously, enabling users to manage the overall business processes, handle anomalies, approvals, audit and reporting in one seamless interface.

ourshared Unity gives organisations

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More Control
The multiuser interface with role and data based permissions gives data owners control of their data, across a multitude of devices
A Seamless User Experience
By providing validation, exception management and customisable process workflows applications are brought together to deliver seamless business solutions
Better Insights
Aggregating data means it can be analysed and reported in a simplified way. KPIs deliver an instant visual snapshot of the organisations data flow and processes

ourshared Unity means

No More Rekeying of Data
Automating the flow of data removes the manual and labour intensive, duplication of effort managing data shared across business applications
No More Errors & Omissions
The flow of inaccurate, invalid and/or untimely data between systems can be prevented.
No More Auditing Nightmares
The pressures of maintaining data integrity and protection are ever increasing. With customisable audit control, and a complete searchable history, any queries can be dealt with quickly and efficiently

Key Features

Import from and export to multiple systems (on/off premise or cloud)
Customisable interaction of users with both data and processes
Automated data generation
Fully customisable workflow
Transform and manipulate data
Real-time and batch processing of data
Full audit tracking and drill through
Central hub for seamless data sharing, audit and control
Summarise and report on data

More than just Integration

Data is at the heart of all applications and business systems. Whether it’s the details of your goods, services, customers and suppliers, or the transactions and records that support the activities undertaken by your business each day, the information captured is vital and it's efficient management a goal.

Combined with the increasing governance surrounding how data is handled, stakeholders have a more vested interest in the integrity of their data and systems than ever before. Data validity, auditability and protection together with the drive for operational efficiency and reducing costs, is putting ever increasing challenges upon how businesses process data.

Traditional ways of managing and using data range from the manual rekeying or export / import / manipulation of data, to in-house scripts and bespoke IT solutions. These mechanisms now struggle to address the needs of todays businesses, being both inefficient and a burden to maintain, audit, and support.

ourshared Unity addresses these challenges by leveraging an application platform that delivers seemles integration, with audit, data level security, and stakeholder control. Customisable, industry and departmental focused solutions help your systems to realise their full potential by not only integrating their data, but also by augmenting existing functional capabilities by adding logic and control between systems.

Features at a glance:

Enable users to control the scheduling and ad-hoc import/export/processing
Grants data owners the ability to view, edit, hold and process data
Ability to add notes and attachments
Combine and split data batches and records for processing
Rich user forms with lookups and validation
Built in dashboards and KPIs
Rule based serial & parallel approval

Here’s just some of the things Unity can do:

Import/export/generate payments, statements, expenses, invoices, orders, (other)...
Automated document generation and delivery (including PDF)
Edit/approve virtually any of your business records (e.g contacts, bank details, inventory, transactions etc)
Update items catalogues, stocks and prices
Calculate and update transaction summaries between systems
Currency rate management, including managing rates from live feeds
Produce/automate financial journals including multi-currency FX adjusted journals
much, much more...

Why Unity?

Powerful solutions can be deployed quickly and easily using global standards hosted on a robust, reliable and supported platform.

Customer Story

People 1st is a UK-based specialist consultancy that helps businesses retain staff, increase productivity and implement effective people strategies. The business has changed considerably over the years from being a government-funded organisation to one that is now totally self-sufficient.

The change to a more commercially-oriented business model emphasised the need for a more efficient flow of data between the back-end systems, ourshared Unity was implemented to orchestrate their CRM and financial applications.

People 1st
"Evolution Dynamic’s flexible approach has meant we have been able to implement a watertight solution that quite simply, works really well." Luke Palmer, IT Manager People 1st
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