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Allowing your browser to set cookies

Evolution Dynamic uses cookies to enhance your experience. It allows us to maintain your actions on the site. What we don’t do, is store personally identifiable information like email or IP addresses etc. Nevertheless some browsers block third-party cookies and assume all are evil, so you’ll need to change your cookie settings to tell your browser that Evolution Dynamic cookies aren’t evil. Until then, we’re only able to bring you a limited set of features. is a great reference for how to edit your cookie settings. You want to look for a setting that lets you allow "third party cookies". And if the only cookies you want to allow, are our friendly ones, then you can add * to any approved site whitelist which your browser may have.

How Evolution Dynamic uses cookies

Cookies are small files which websites use to enhance the experience they offer their users. At Evolution Dynamic, we use cookies to offer you a better experience.

What do our cookies do?

The cookies we set allow for a number of features. For example, we store if you have opened a brochure before so you do not get asked to enter you details again (Don't worry, we do not store those details in a cookie!).

Do you store personal information in cookies?

No, we don’t store anything that could be used to personally identify you, such as contact information. A cookie is stored that holds a unique visitor ID, but this could not be used to externally identify you.

What happens if I block Evolution Dynamic cookies?

This website is able to operate when cookies are disabled. You’ll still be able to do everything, but a few things will have to repeated instead of happening automatically.

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